SERGII KHLIVNENKO and iampm school
AI & Data Science
for managers
Webinar recorded at Nov 06, 2019
What management functions could be improved by AI & Data Science? Will AI replace managers? At the webinar, learn about the evolution of management decision making from time-tested to cutting-edge approaches. Join us to discuss a future of project management.
What topics was discussed:
1. How to assist a PM?
What management functions could be improved by AI & Data Science?
2. What is machine learning?
What is machine learning? What are the most popular models?
3. How to use analytics
What are the three types of analytics in business?
4. How to work with A/B tests
Basic statistic terms to understand the results of A/B tests.
5. What can you do with AI
How AI works? What AI can and can't now? How can you use it?
6. How to use AI in your projects
How to build data flows in your organization? Best practices and cases.
7. More about architecture
What is the general architecture of the business intelligence system?
8. Will AI replace managers?
What new jobs appeared, and how they compared? What should you do about it?
Sergii Khlivnenko
Founder of, Engineering Manager at Playson
MBA in AI, founder, engineering manager, and agile coach of self-organized game development teams, speaker at American Councils, Project Management day, Future management, Yep Startup Summer Camp, Genesis & KSE Product school.
This webinar will be interesting for:
Business Owners
Tech Team
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