Hello, my name is Sergii Khlivnenko.

What do I do the best?

khlivnenko it product manager icon

As an IT Product Manager,
I manage development and
promotion of web applications

khlivnenko business adviser icon

As a Business Adviser,
I teach people over Ukraine
to be organized

khlivnenko energy geek icon

As an Energy Geek,
I facilitate energy sector
changes in Ukraine

Check out some of my best projects.

I am proactive, English speaking product manager
with 6-year international experience in IT, marketing and power industry.

yaware dashboard

Web App
Development Managed

dotyk technologij

Founded an Energy
Marketing Agency

yaware courses

Web App
Product Management


Company Marketing
Strategy Developed

greencubator hack4energy

National Energy
Hackathons CoOrganized

viko panasonic ukraine distribution system

National Distribution
System Developed

teslacamp greencubator volunteer solar panel

solar powered

thea viko luxiary funrniture panasonic turkey

Luxury Furniture
Brand Developed

elcom electric exhibition 2013 viko sponsorship

International Exhibition
General Sponsorship

yaware mobile app for mobile workforce productivity

Web & Mobile Apps

Some clients and companies that I had the pleasure of working for.

radisson blu

Me, my wife Marianna and our cat Smile :)
live in the amazing Kyiv, the capital of UKRAINE

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Email: s.khlivnenko@gmail.com
Phone: +380(93)759-48-80
Skype: s.khlivnenko